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Get An Honest Clothing Appraisal From Our Consignment Shop

Get an excellent deal for your clothes at Sacks Consigned Designs in the Fayetteville, Raeford, and Hope Mills, NC area. We will accurately determine their value through clothing appraisal. We are often asked, "What sells best?" It has been our experience that it is not a particular item, but the quality, style and appearance of the item itself that makes it sell. 

Since the consignment business is a joint venture, here is a list of suggestions that will help us to sell your items more successfully. Winter consignments has ended and Spring consignments will begin March 1st!

Becoming a Consignor is Easy

  1. Select only your better name brand designer labels. Ask yourself, "is the item current, fashionable and in excellent condition?" Garments should be current styles, and upscale household items sell best.
  2. Select only items that are in season. Regretfully, we do not have space to store out-of-season clothing. Please refer to the schedule below.
  3. Clean, press, and mend garments before bringing them in for consignment. Stains that may not be visible at home really show up under our bright, fluorescent store lights, so please do not be offended if we have to reject an item because it has not been cleaned, pressed, or mended. If we have to clean, press, or repair any garments to prepare them for the sales floor, there will be a charge. Make sure household items are in excellent condition and clean.
  4. Hang each garment on its own hanger. We can return your hangers. Boxes, bags, or wrinkled clothing will not be accepted.
  5. Items brought in for consignment will be reviewed within two days. Items not acceptable for consignment will be donated to charity. Items accepted for resale will be processed and kept on the sales floor for 90 days. Items will then be donated to charity. Tax receipts will be available for any items donated.
  6. Most items will be taken on a 50%-50% consignment for a period of 90 days. Formalwear selling over $100 will be split 60%-40% your favor. Checks are mailed by the 10th of each month (if $50 or more) or you can come by the store for a cash payment Monday through Friday.
Consignment Schedule
Winter consignments has ended and Spring consignments will begin March 1st!

  • March to May – Spring & Summer
  • Late August to Mid-November – Fall & Winter
  • Call the store for exact dates.
  • Consignments are not accepted during January, February, June, or July.
  • Consignment days are Tuesday & Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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